Mones is giving away mystery chests to all players on the Astar server! This is your chance to win some exciting heroes, so don't miss out! The mystery…
Dear Mones Players, We are writing to announce a significant change in our reward distribution system in BNB Server. As you may know, we have been…
Get ready to experience an all-new Mones! The latest version of Mones is now available with a brand-new play mode that will take your gaming experience…
Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this exciting opportunity to win $ASTR and other amazing prizes.

February 2023

A valuable gift from the publisher for new players at the BNB server.
All are welcome to join. The prize goes to the first person who can finish the 15 questions fastest with the correct answer! No need for sign-ups just…
A big step forward on the journey to bring Mones to a wide range of players. A new server has been opened and changes to increase the experience at the…
We are ready to launch Mones' Astar server. What will come with this new server? Are you ready to conquer this server and win valuable rewards?
Released heroes continue to be adjusted in terms of stats to become stronger and more influential. Besides, there are also a few heroes that need to be…
Instructions to buy $ASTR Token and deposit into Metamask wallet to be able to use Checkin Online feature in Mones Astar
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January 2023

An updated version of Arena is here and its rewards are more exciting than ever.